Year Around Reservations

Camp Reservations

The primary goal of our camps is to provide a place for Scouts to go camping and to enjoy the outdoors. We allow year-round access to all 4 camp properties to Scouting and other groups.  You can make a reservation at any of our camps here or by phone. Information on how to make a reservation, our fees, and our general use regulations is below.

Beginning January 1, 2016 there is a new fee structure for the use of all Longs Peak Council Camps.  Please see attached chart.  If your unit has attended a Longs Peak Council Summer Camp within the last 12 months, you are entitled to use the “Loyalty” fee rate.  All other units use the “Scout” rate and any non-Boy Scout organization will use the “Non-Scout” rate.  If you have questions regarding this contact

New camp rental rates effective 1-1-16

If you are looking to register for summer camp, we have a page set up with all the information you will need.

Make a Reservation

1 → Check Availability

For All Camps: BDSR, CLP, Chimney Park and Patiya

Call Cindy in the Greeley Office
(970) 584-2202 or 800-800-4052 Option 1

Camp Jack reservations are taken by Cindy in the Greeley Office.

2 → Download the Reservation Form

NOTE – new reservation forms for 1/1/16 and beyond will be available in the next month.  You can continue to use what is here until those are available.

BDSR Reservation Form
CLP Reservation Form effective 1-1-16
Chimney Park Reservation Form
Patiya Reservation Form
Camp Jack Reservation Form
Shooting Range Reservation Form effective 1-1-16

3 → Fill it out and mail with payment for all fees

Longs Peak Council, BSA
Attn: Weekend Camp Reservations
PO Box 1166
Greeley, CO 80632-1166

Refund Policy

All fees will be assessed based on the original reservation. Payment for reservations is due when reservation is made and there are no refunds. You can add to your numbers and pay additional use fees after the initial reservation.


  • If you decide NOT to attend camp on your reservation date, please call to cancel your reservation:
    • For all camps call: The Longs Peak Council office at 800-800-4052 option 1 or 970 584-2202
    • (see refund policy on this page)
  • Reservations may be made only in proportion to campers attending and facility desired. Example: a unit of 10 campers may reserve the BDSR Coffin Shelter but not all of Soaring Eagle.
  • All Scout Units must obtain an approved Tour Plan.
  • All Scout Units and other groups must have a First Aid and CPR certified adult leader in attendance at all times.
  • All Cub Scout Packs & Dens must have a BALOO trained adult in attendance at all times.
  • A minimum of two adults, one registered with the BSA, must be in attendance at all times. One adult must be 21 or older and the other must be 18 or older. One of these adults must be currently certified in Youth Protection.
    • CLP, Camp Patiya and Chimney Park: All U.S. Forest Service Regulations are to be followed. Please respect winter cross-country ski trails as skis only!
  • The camps are NO SMOKING facilities. The designated smoking area is the parking lot.
  • Fires:
    • Fires must be built only in fireplaces or designated fire rings/pits at existing campsites.
    • Firewood is not always available. Units should plan on bringing their firewood.
    • Fires are banned from the backcountry – including Camp Demming and the Outpost Camp at BDSR. Cooking stoves must be used.
    • No cooking inside cabins.
    • Fires are not to be left unattended and fires must be put out before departure.
    • Observe all fire bans.
  • Please – no branding of walls, ceilings, etc.
  • Alcohol and illegal drugs are not permitted.
  • No paintball activities.
  • All trash and garbage must be packed out. Please bring your own trash bags.
  • Vehicles of all types and sizes are not permitted off improved roads and parking areas.
  • ATV’s and ORV’s are not permited.
  • Bicycles:
    • Bicycles are not permitted on BDSR property.
    • At CLP, Patiya and Chimney Park: Bicycles are to remain on existing roads and trails designated for bicycle travel. All riders must wear helmets.
  • No cutting of trees, dead, alive or marked is allowed.
  • Off limit areas and closed building designations must be obeyed. Obey neighboring boundary and “No Trespassing” signs.
  • Camps are in forested areas where bears and mountain lions have been seen. Please take appropriate precautions.
  • Leave all pets at home.
  • Summer camp program equipment is not available for Unit or District activities.
  • Please do not bring appliances or furniture for any camp without prior approval of that camp’s Camp Committee.
  • Shooting sports (BB, rifle, shotgun, archery) COPE, rock climbing, rappelling and water activities require certified instructors. A copy of the instructor’s certification must be on file at the Council office or the reservation approval will not be granted.
  • At BDSR and CLP a separate Reservation Form is required for Shooting Sports. BDSR equipment is not available for these activities.

BDSR – additional information:

  • Everyone must check in and check out with the Camp Ranger.
  • Conservation projects must be approved in advance by the BDSR Conservation Chair, Camp Ranger or Council Program Director.
  • Water is not available from mid-September to June.

CLP – additional information:

  • Water is not available August through May.

Camp Patiya – additional information:

Chimney Park – additional information:

  • The U.S. Forest Service requires a special PARKING PERMIT to be displayed in each vehicle or the vehicle will BE TICKETED. All vehicles are to park in front of the Lodge or on the perimeter road to the north of the Lodge, when weather permits. Otherwise, park in the parking lot off the highway and display your PARKING PERMIT.


Effective January 1, 2016

All reservations made on or after January 1, 2016 will use the following fee structure:

fees effective 1-1-16

Reservation Refunds

All fees will be assessed based on the original reservation. Payment for reservations is due when reservation is made and there are no refunds. You can add to your numbers and pay additional use fees after the initial reservation.


General Information

Camp areas at the Ben Delatour Scout Ranch of the Longs Peak Council are available for Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, Varsity Scout Teams, Venture Crews, Districts, and Council uses. During June, July, and a portion of August facilities come under the summer camp operations directive and may not be available to individual units. Units need to check with the Farr Service Center in Greeley for availability status.

Please note the following:

  1. All trash/garbage must be packed out and taken home. There is limited and expensive trash service at the Scout Ranch. District events desiring trash service can make arrangements for paying for this service.
  2. The latrines are not stocked with toilet paper. Please bring your own paper.
  3. At times a fire ban will be in effect. This depends on weather conditions, when the last rain fall was recorded, and government directives.
  4. Please park vehicles properly! Protect the fragile meadows by keeping vehicles off them. Park in designated parking areas only, and not in the campsites. Do not block roads.
  5. Do not cut trees. There is plenty of downed firewood available. Only authorized persons may use chainsaws.
  6. Keep out of restricted areas: COPE Courses, Pancake Climbing Base, Shooting ranges, water treatment plant, etc.
  7. Locked buildings and gates are locked for a reason. Please respect this, and do not tamper with them.
  8. Please see that campers use designated campsites only!
  9. Latrines have a purpose. Please see that Scouts and adults use them!
  10. No pets (dogs, cats or otherwise) are allowed in any of the Longs Peak Council Camps.

Unit Camp Program

When a Scout unit attends a camping weekend they are required to have a planned program. The adult and youth leadership must sit down and plan out the activities, meals, chapel services, games, training, etc. for the weekend. This is only mentioned because time and time again Scout units arrive in camp, and they just let their members wildly roam about and do whatever they please without supervision. This can be real trouble, and an accident waiting to happen. Adults must be in control, and supervise with responsibility.

Water Availability

Water is a rare commodity at the Scout Ranch. From about September 15th to June 1st of each year water systems are not available. In Camp Jeffrey the summer water comes from the Elkhorn Creek, and goes through a licensed treatment plant. This system and plant are not “winterized”. In Soaring Eagle a spring feeds the water system, and it normally dries up by August 1st. This system is not winterized. Camp Nicol’s water is from a poor 1,000 foot well, and this system is not winterized. The Elkhorn Base water is from a spring near the base, and this system is not winterized. The Family Camp water comes from the same spring that waters Soaring Eagle. Why aren’t systems winterized? The Scout Ranch is in the Rocky Mountains where water lines must be at least three to four feet below ground to keep them from freezing in winter temperatures that have been recorded as low as minus 40 degrees. To dig this deep in solid rock is simply beyond the council’s financial means.

All Scout groups using the Scout Ranch in the early fall need to check before arrival on water conditions to see if a source is still available. All should plan to bring sufficient quantities for drinking and washing needs during their stay.


All overnight buildings are lighted with electric lights. When not in use all lights must be turned off. Limited outlets are available in most buildings. The recent Boulder Rotary Lodge remodel has improved electrical service in this facility. As funding allows, other buildings will have their electric service upgraded.


Cooking at the Scout Ranch must be accomplished OUTDOORS. Cooking of any kind is not allowed inside of the following structures: KOLA Lodge, Boulder Rotary Lodge, Nuzum Shelter, or the Ruth Coffin Shelter. Please use the grills and fire rings provided outside. The above listed buildings are not insured against loss due to cooking fires.


Several trails cross the Scout Ranch, and users should obtain a Scout Ranch Map (from the Farr Service Center in Greeley) prior to their arrival. The Gregg Boundary Trail makes a circle around the Scout Ranch, and is about 12 miles in length. It is marked with orange colored diamond markers. Request a BDSR Trail Guide brochure for additional trail routing information.

Backcountry Camping

Backcountry camping is allowed at the Scout Ranch. Leave No Trace Camping rules must be followed. The Camp Ranger, or Campmaster, must be notified of overnight campsite locations and routing upon a unit’s arrival. No camping within 300 feet of the Elkhorn Creek is allowed. Only stoves are allowed – NO FIRES!


During the non-summer months communications at the Scout Ranch are limited. With few exceptions, cellular telephones do not work. A pay telephone is located on the porch of the Armstrong Heritage Center at the main parking lot. A quarter is needed to make a call, but a 911 call should go through without payment. In all emergency situations the Scout Ranch Ranger should be contacted at his work area or at his home near the front gate to the Boy Scout Camps.

Closed Dates

There are times during the year when the Scout Ranch is closed to all use. These dates are – for the most part – based on the policy that the Scout Ranch Ranger must be on site when campers or day users are on the property, and the fact that the Scout Ranch Ranger is required by employment contract to have holidays off work. Most of these dates between September and May will be holidays, days when the Scout Ranch Ranger is on vacation, or days when a council or other activity require facility full use. These dates usually include:

  • Labor Day Weekend
  • Order of the Arrow Fall Fellowship
  • Thanksgiving Day & Weekend
  • Christmas Day
  • New Years Day and Eve
  • Martin Luther King Day Weekend
  • Presidents’ Day Weekend
  • Easter Weekend
  • Memorial Day Weekend

Check the council calendar and the council website for details.

* In the future when a Campmaster Corps has been organized coverage on holidays will allow for the opening of the Scout Ranch!

Winter Use

The Scout Ranch is a great place to camp during the winter months, but winter camping precautions found in the Guide to Safe Scouting must be followed. Remember, the Scout Ranch is at an altitude between 7,000 and 8,300 feet. In the winter months it can get really cold (lowest recorded is minus 40 degrees!). It can get really windy with gusts over 50 miles per hour. It can snow a great deal (5.5 feet recorded in one storm in March 2003 and 13 feet in one December storm in 1916!) , or the wind can blow all the snow to Kansas. It can get really dry, even with temperatures below freezing.

Snow Removal Policy

During the winter months every effort will be made to remove snow to keep BDSR roadways open so campers can access cabins and campsites. However, during heavy snow times access may only be available to selected locations that may include: the main parking lot, Coral Rock Lodge, or the KOLA Lodge area. The Scout Ranch Ranger will do his utmost to keep roads clear, but he is directed not to spend his entire week plowing snow and using up expensive fuel just to save a few hearty Scouts from a good invigorating hike.

Reservation Requirements

Prior to making a reservation the following requirements must be met:

  1. Provide proof of a certified/trained adult first aider to be in attendance with the group or Scout unit.
  2. Provide proof of a trained BSA Youth Protection Trained adult leader to be with the group or Scout unit.
  3. Obtain an approved BSA Local Tour Permit from a Council Service Center.

Reservation Procedure

It is the policy of the Longs Peak Council that reservations are made on a “first come – first served basis”. District or council events may not “bump” another district or council event or a unit from a reservation.

Scout units and other groups that have made a reservation and are a “no show” may not be allowed to make another reservation for the next 12 months.

Can a pack or troop or crew reserve the entire Scout Ranch? The answer is simply “no”. You may have a very large group, and you may take up a great deal of space, but outside of summer camp programs no one gets to use the entire property. In recent years we have had as many as 1,500 campers in several different programs on the same weekend, and it was not crowded!

Damage Deposits Required

Scout units using the Scout Ranch are required to pay a damage deposit prior to arrival. This deposit is returned or credited to the unit account after it has been determined that use of a facility did not require special cleaning or repair. Groups that are a “no show” without having canceled their reservation in advance will forfeit their damage deposit.

Camp Patiya

Reservations and Fees

To reserve your spot, read the Registration and Usage Policies and fill out the Camp Patiya Reservation Form. When you get to camp, use the Procedures Checklist to help you get in and out of camp smoothly.

Chimney Park

Making a Reservation

Reservations can be made for Baldwin Lodge, and for each individual campsite. It is possible to have as many as six or more Scout units on the property at any given time. A Scout unit MAY NOT reserve the entire 25 acres for their single unit use.

Units from outside the Longs Peak Council, and Girl Scout and other youth organization groups, pay a use fee based on a schedule established by the Longs Peak Council Camping Committee. Groups other than Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Camp Fire are not authorized users of the camp.

Chimney Park During Hunting Season

During the fall months Chimney Park Scout Camp is not recommended for use because of the heavy Medicine Bow National Forest use by hunters. Hunters make their camps in and around Chimney Park, they tramp the forest in search of prey, and quite often shots can be heard in the distance. Units that do venture to Chimney Park in the fall need to be aware of Wyoming hunting season dates, and they need to keep close to Baldwin Lodge, and not wander into the forest.

Emergency Situations

Each unit at Chimney Park needs to be “be prepared” for an emergency by having a first aid / CPR trained leader in attendance at all times. They need to have knowledge of emergency communication systems for obtaining help, and they need to have an exceptionally good cell phone for emergency calls. Emergencies may be responded to by the Fox Park Volunteer Fire Department, the Woods Landing Volunteer Fire Department, the City of Laramie Fire Department or the Albany County Sheriff. The closest hospital is in Laramie. Land telephones may be located at Fox Park and Woods Landing.

Use Regulations

  1. All Scout units must obtain an approved BSA Tour Plan.
  2. Fires must be built in designated fire rings or pits at existing campsites. Firewood is not always available. Plan on bringing firewood or coal.
  3. The U.S. Forest Service requires a special parking permit or vehicles will be ticketed.
  4. Please! No branding of walls, ceilings, etc.!
  5. Alcohol and illegal drugs are not permitted.
  6. A minimum of two adults, one registered with the BSA, must be in attendance at all times. One must be age 21 or older, and the other must be age 18 or older. One adult should be currently certified in Youth Protection.
  7. All trash and garbage bags must be packed out.
  8. No cutting of trees, live or marked, is allowed.
  9. Shooting sports (rifle, shotgun, archery), Cope, rock climbing, rappelling, and water activities require certified instructors. A copy of the instructor’s certification must be filed with the reservation, or approval will not be granted.
  10. Bicycles are to remain on existing roads and trails designated for bicycle travel. All riders must wear helmets.
  11. ATVs and ORVs are not permitted.
  12. Four-wheel drive vehicles are not permitted off improved roads.
  13. Obey neighboring boundary and no trespassing signs.
  14. Leave all pets at home!!!!!! No pets (dogs, cats or otherwise) are allowed in any of the Longs Peak Council Camps.
  15. Please do not bring appliances or furniture for the camp without prior approval of the Chimney Park Scout Camp Committee.
  16. All U.S. Forest Service Regulations are to be followed

Service Projects

Many opportunities exist at Chimney Park for Scout service projects. For special projects check with the Chimney Park Committee. For the normal “good turn” type of projects try the following during your visit:

  • Pick-up trash from around the lake and surrounding areas
  • Clean the latrines and campfire area
  • Shovel snow from all latrine entrances, including the one near the roadside parking lot
  • Wash the windows
  • Wet mop the floor
  • Remove ashes from the cabin fireplace

Keep a record of your Scout/adult service hours and record them in the “Service Book” in the lodge. These hours count towards the lease payment to the U.S. Forest Service of $ 3,500.00 per year. Because Chimney Park Scout Camp is a council camp it is not eligible for Eagle Scout Projects. However, the area beyond the camp’s boundaries is the Medicine Bow National Forest where projects may be conducted if approved in advance by the U.S. Forest Service in Laramie, and the Scout’s district advancement committee.


Thank you for your patience as we transfer to our new website, we are working on reservation information for CLP.

Camp Jack


Camp Jack can only be used by Scouts. Reservations to use Camp Jack must be made in advance through the Longs Peak Council’s Farr Service Center in Greeley ( at least 14 days ahead of arrival! Please complete the Camp Jack Reservation Form and send it to the Greeley Office (P.O. Box 1166, Greeley, CO 80632) or fax to 970.330.7961 or email to The state park will not allow “drop-in” units that have not made a reservation. There is no fee to use Camp Jack. Camp Jack is a totally restricted use area for Scouts. Non-Scout groups must contact Curt Gowdy State Park for reservations in the Park.


  • No pets are allowed at Camp Jack.
  • Fires are only permitted in fire rings.
  • The use of firearms or fireworks is prohibited.
  • Archery under properly trained leadership (Boy Scout Troops, Varsity Teams, and Venture Crews only) may be conducted at the park’s archery range in another location of the park.

Emergency Situations

In an emergency situation contact the Park Manager or telephone the Laramie County Sheriff on your cell phone at 911.  

Last modified: September 6, 2016