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Beginning January 1, 2016, all reservations for use of BDSR in the off season will follow the new fee structure.  Please see attached chart.  If your unit has attended a Longs Peak Council Summer Camp within the last 12 months, you are entitled to use the “Loyalty” fee rate.  All other units use the “Scout” rate and any non-Boy Scout organization will use the “Non-Scout” rate.  If you have questions regarding this contact

New camp rental rates effective 1-1-16

Camp Patiya

Camp Patiya is a 30-acre camping and day use facility owned by the Longs Peak Council of the Boy Scouts of America. The camp is in a beautiful mountain forest at 7400 ft elevation. Camp Patiya is only about seven miles west of Boulder, Colorado.

Camp Patiya offers campsites, picnic areas, sheltered cooking sites, two cabins for sleeping indoors, training and meeting areas with both indoor and outdoor settings, plenty of room for games and activity, and even flush toilets.

Camp Patiya is an ideal weekend outing choice for Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops and Venture Crews.

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Fire Ban at Camp Patiya effective 9/23/15

No fires outside of the fire rings, campfire ring, cook shelter or fireplace in the Lodge.

Smoking is only allowed “within an enclosed vehicle” in the parking lot!
The fire ban prohibits:

  • Slash fires
  • The use of any kind of fireworks or model rockets
  • All other outdoor spark or flame producing activities
  • All outdoor burning not listed below as allowable

This fire ban allows for:

  • Indoor fires in fireplaces or stoves
  • Smoking indoors or within an enclosed vehicle
  • Campfires in improved and maintained campgrounds that are currently open to the
    public, as long as the fuel for such fires are smaller than two feet in diameter by three
    feet in height.
  • Liquid or gas fuel stove use
  • Charcoal grill use on private land
  • Smoking outdoors in areas free of flammable material
  • Fires contained within maintained fire pits or grates on private land



The camp has 5 established campsites. Each site offers natural shade, level ground, and plenty of room for your unit to spread out. Each site at least one picnic table, a fire ring and grill, and a sump (6″ PVC pipe) for disposal of grey water (dishwater).

The three larger sites (Hebner, Arapahoe, and Hess) will accommodate about 30 people each, and the smaller sites (Fisher and Lost Arrow) can hold around 20. The Hebner campsite includes a covered picnic area with 3 additional fire pits, making it an excellent location for several patrols to camp together, or for use as an instruction or training site. Arapahoe features a unique wooden Teepee shelter, making it quite popular with boys. The teepee shelters a picnic table, but boys have been known to set up camp in there too!

Nancy Nixon Lodge

Inside the Nixon LodgeThe lodge is a great choice for indoor meetings, training, or meals. At 780 sq ft, the one big room can seat about 30 people. Tables, chairs, and benches are provided. Use the large fireplace or small electric heater to warm you in the winter, and the ceiling fans to keep cool in the summer. The double doors on the west end open to a covered porch with several picnic tables and fantastic views.

A utility room has storage space, counters, and a refrigerator which makes an ideal indoor food storage and meal preparation area (cooking should be done outside). Adjacent to the Lodge is a large, sheltered cook area. This shelter has lights, picnic tables, three fireplaces (for charcoal only) and a gravel floor. So it is a sheltered, safe, and convenient place to cook and eat. The lodge can be used as a sleeping cabin for up to 12 people, but it is currently uninsulated and the concrete floor can get quite chilly in the winter.

The OA FrameThe “OA”-Frame

The “OA”-Frame is smaller (480 sq ft), and good for meetings of up to about 15 people. It is much better insulated than the lodge, and has carpet over a wooden floor, so is more appropriate as sleeping quarters (maximum 6 people). A small utility room with a small refrigerator can be used for food preparation or storage. The west entrance has a large deck. An electric heater is provided.

Adjacent to the building is a campsite or picnic area (not listed above). There is a fire pit and tables and a greywater sump, just like all the other sites. This site could accommodate about 10 people.

Additional Facilities

  • Campfire Ring – Wooden benches provide seating for a large campfire ring.
  • Instruction or Chapel Area – with tables and space for training or chapel.
  • Axe Yard –A spacious, fenced, woods tools area
  • Pioneering Area – Plenty of space and the camp even supplies poles. Bring your own rope.
  • Marked Nature Walk – Native plants and trees are marked with signs
  • No-Man’s Land – About half of the camp property is undeveloped, perfect for exploring (can you find the spring?)
  • Gates through the west and south fences give access to Walker Ranch.
  • Games and gear – In the Nixon Lodge are board games, fishing poles, snowshoes, and other donated items for you to borrow while at camp.
  • Latrines – Available year-round.
  • Drinking Water – Available year-round.
  • Emergency Phone – at the lodge


Patch - Patiya


Camp Patiya was originally a camp for the Camp Fire Girls. The Camp Fire Council purchased the original twenty acres for the camp in 1960 and began holding group and family camps shortly thereafter. All the buldings on site were constructed between 1963 and 1981. In 1977, an additional ten acres of land was donated, bringing the camp to its present size.

Camp Fire continued to hold group camping year round and Day Camps in the summers. In the 1980′s, membership in Camp Fire declined. In 1987, it was determined that the goals for operating the camp could best be met by transferring the ownership to Longs Peak Council, Boy Scouts of America. This happened in April, 1987.

Since the property was acquired by the Boy Scouts, the land has continued to be used in the same general way that the earlier owners had envisioned. It is used mainly for short-term camping, servicing primarily the youth of Longs Peak Council. Other Scouting groups also use the facility, and several times a year it is used for training the adults who work with the Scouts.

The name Patiya means At Home in the Hills, and was given by the Camp Fire Council in December, 1967.

The Teepee at the Arapaho campsiteThe old Camp Patiya Logo is taken directly from the emblem designed by Camp Fire, with the addition of Scouting’s traditional trefoil. The symbolism in the logo is represented by 4 natural elements:

  • Mountains – meaning high ideals and striving
  • Sun – standing for health and happiness
  • Stream – symbolizing purpose and helpfulness
  • Birds – meaning joy in the out-of-doors


Patiya Refund Policy

Fees for cancellation are not refunded unless a determination has been made due to weather.  You can transfer fees to an alternate date.

The OA FrameActivities

Camp Patiya is an ideal weekend outing choice for Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops and Venture Crews.

  • Cub Pack family campout
  • Webelos Den campout
  • Troop Court of Honor picnic and campfire
  • New Scout instructional campout
  • A base camp for numerous activities available in the area: backpacking, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, rock climbing, etc!
  • Wilderness Survival outings (about half of the camp is undeveloped)
  • Winter camping / OKPIK
  • Orienteering or Geocaching events
  • Capture the Flag day!
  • Cooking demonstrations and instruction
  • Training events
  • Troop PLC annual planning or Troop Leader Training
  • Unit committee retreat
  • Blue & Gold Picnic and Webelos Crossover campfire

Photos & Video

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Photo Gallery

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The OA Frame
West side deck and Campsite at the OA-Frame
Inside the OA-Frame
The Teepee at the Arapaho campsite
The Campfire Ring
The cook shelter at the Lodge It sure is nice to be out of the weather!
Camp Patiya Entrance
Hebner campsite and shelter
Fireplace in the Lodge
The Nancy Nixon Lodge
Inside the Nixon Lodge
West patio of the Lodge


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Interactive Map

Street Address

The address for the camp is 7022 Flagstaff Road, Boulder, Colorado 80302

Lat / Lon

Looking for something more specific? 39.9670134,-105.3379797

Directions to Camp

From Boulder, drive west on Baseline Road, past Chautauqua Park, where the road becomes Flagstaff Road. Go up and over Flagstaff Mountain about 7 miles and the camp entrance will be on your right (west). As you go along Flagstaff Road, you will see mileage markers. If you pass the 7 mile marker, you have gone slightly too far.

Chautauqua and Flagstaff are Boulder Mountain Parks, which are popular with cyclists, runners, hikers, rock climbers and boulderers, picnicers, and tourists. Please drive especially carefully along this curvy mountain road.

Google Directions

Street Address

7022 Flagstaff Road, Boulder, Colorado 80302

Camp Maps

Patiya camp map

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Camp Patiya Map

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