2014 Program Retreat

The Longs Peak Council Program Committee is planning a one-day retreat.  The idea is to take some time to get together to brainstorm new ideas, plan for the next 2 years and fellowship.

 We will start with the whole group and as the day progresses we will have break-outs for individual committees. 

 Each committee should come with an idea of things they would like to do in the future and a calendar of events they have planned.  It is imperative that everyone come with an open mind and willingness to think outside the box!

 This retreat is open to any member of any Council and District Program Committee to include: – Program Chairs, Activities, Camps, Advancement, Day Camps, Risk Management, Marketing, Scouting for Food, Training and Venturing.

 The fee is $15 per person and includes lunch, snacks and program materials.  Registration is required.  The Council Refund Policy applies to this event (Council Refund Policy).  All registration is done online, we do not accept phone registrations.  To register go to: Online Registration or visit the Council website  (Council Website)  and click the register link on the Program Retreat page.  The registration deadline is Friday,October 31, 2014.


Last modified: August 26, 2014